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New Office Blinds
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Office Blinds - Office Furniture 2 Go

An office or study whether it be at home or in the workplace is a very important room. For an increasing number of people this room is where they'll spend 8 hours a day, 9 - 5 during business.  

Good quality blinds are an ideal adjustment to any workforce, whether it be neat ordered lines such as a venetian blind or perhaps a softer roman blind.

Whatever you choose will always need to be versatile and practical. Good quality office blinds have also been proven to have a number of benefits, such as reduction in heat loss by as much as 58%.

Our blinds allow you to properly control the lighting in your workplace, which in turn allows you to create the optimal working environment and boost productivity.

Screen glare on computer screens and presentation boards will always provde to be a massive pain, however with the addition of OF2G's quality blinds this problem can be completed removed.

Any office that is over or under lit can cause eye strain for the employees working there. Installing blinds for the office gives you total control over this situation and allows you to dynamically adjust room lighting to avoid avoid strain. In turn this will reduce the risk of migraines and headaches caused by eye strain.

Our office blinds can also help with important energy savings. Since installing blinds will reduce the amount of heat that escapes the room it can really help save money on energy bills, especially for larger rooms!

At Office Furniture 2 Go, we offer a large collection of blinds for the office in a huge range of colours, styles and configurations. This ensures we always have something perfect for every unique situation and taste. If you like the sound of these benefits, Contact one of our friendly team members and we can begin transforming your workplace!

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Why Choose OF2G?

Why we are the leaders of our industry?
Office Furniture 2 Go have more than 60 combined years’ experience in the furniture industry and we believe that expertise comes with experience. We not only offer the best price we can to our clients, we also offer the best service.
Why are our prices so low?
Not only do we use some of the biggest office furniture manufacturers across the UK, we have established relationships with many businesses to ensure our “used” office furniture is also flourishing. Office furniture clearance is another area of our business from which we collect new and used office furniture and dispose of or resell onto our customers for a fraction of the RRP.
Planning an office move or relocation?
Here at OF2G, we're the specialists in the timely removal and re-installation of office furniture. So you can concentrate on offering 'business as usual' and we'll take care of it.
Do you need your office designed?
OF2G specialise in office design, CAD and space planning and cover the UK. With our centrally based Birmingham location, we can offer solutions to all your office accommodation needs, whether it be space planning (office design), interior design, or maximising your office space.

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