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Office Furniture Clearance Services
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Office Furniture Clearance Services

Recycle your used unwanted office furniture. 

OF2G has a corporate responsibility helping many local businesses, charities and community groups by the provision of low cost or even free of charge good quality office furniture. At OF2G Ltd we make a genuine contribution to the community.

We clear and relocate office furniture from small local businesses to large corporate blue chip organisations. We offer a personal customer service and work within set time frames and individual requirements working with our dedicated team of partnering specialist companies.

If you want to get rid of your unwanted office furniture and feel safe in the knowledge it is being re-used or disposed of responsibility then call us for a free non-obligation site visit.

We will advise on the quickest and most efficient method of the disposal of your office furniture.

If you are either relocating, leaving or re-furbishing, our office clearance service is ready to help. Are you about to leave, relocate or re-furbish your offices and need to remove unwanted office furniture? If so, we offer a trusted and professional clearance service centrally UK located in Birmingham for your used office furniture.

More Services

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    Inform us of what furniture you need to dispose of.
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    Scheduled Time
    We will arrange a collection at your convenience.
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    Collection Service
    We will visit your premesis and collect the items.
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    Furniture Recycle
    We will recycle or dispose of the items in a safe manner

Why Choose OF2G?

Why we are the leaders of our industry?
Office Furniture 2 Go have more than 60 combined years’ experience in the furniture industry and we believe that expertise comes with experience. We not only offer the best price we can to our clients, we also offer the best service.
Why are our prices so low?
Not only do we use some of the biggest office furniture manufacturers across the UK, we have established relationships with many businesses to ensure our “used” office furniture is also flourishing. Office furniture clearance is another area of our business from which we collect new and used office furniture and dispose of or resell onto our customers for a fraction of the RRP.
Planning an office move or relocation?
Here at OF2G, we're the specialists in the timely removal and re-installation of office furniture. So you can concentrate on offering 'business as usual' and we'll take care of it.
Do you need your office designed?
OF2G specialise in office design, CAD and space planning and cover the UK. With our centrally based Birmingham location, we can offer solutions to all your office accommodation needs, whether it be space planning (office design), interior design, or maximising your office space.

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