Office Interior Design

What Is Office Interior Design? Office Interior Design is vital in creating an appealing and revitalizing space for both employees and customers. For your employees, it’s important for them to be inspired in the workplace, which is created by a space that is functional and visually exciting, yet an area that promotes efficiency and performance. […]

Reasons to refurbish your office

reasons to refurbish your office

Enhance your workspaces In the office, there should be a healthy mix of exciting and restful places. Allow executives to ponder about the company’s future for lengthy periods of time in a pleasant environment.  You may find that your company needs to expand to accommodate additional staff members as it grows. By renovating your office, […]

How to Plan an Office Move

New office Move

Planning an office move can seem like a tough task. It can seem like something exciting at the beginning, but once you start thinking about everything that must be moved, and all your employees’ workstations to be shuffled around, it can feel pretty overwhelming. Especially if your employees need to continue working from the get-go […]

Choosing the right office chair

Choosing the right office chair - Office Furniture 2 Go

People spend an astonishing 7709 days of their lives, or roughly 30%, sitting! If we consider that eight hours of this is spent at offices or at home workstations hunched over a computer, then it’s clear that it’s vital to have a good office chair. Settling for anything less than a comfortable and productive chair […]

The lifespan of the Office Chair 

The lifespan of the Office Chair - Office Furniture 2 Go Birmingham Office Furniture

With most of spending up to 40 hours a week in our office chairs, whether that’s a home, or in the office and regardless of how well our trusty office chair is made, it wont last forever. The lifespan of the office chair, generally has approximately 5 years use, before a replacement is required. We […]

The correct desk height

The correct desk height - Office Furniture 2 Go

Our previous articles have explained how to choose the right office desk and how to sit correctly at your desk, but whilst searching for the perfect desk, often people are looking without actually knowing what the ergonomically correct desk height is for their posture. Why is it important? In today’s society, we spend so much […]

How to create a spacious workplace 

How to create a spacious workplace - Office Furniture 2 Go

A quality workspace design leads to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere, and now, more than ever, it’s essential that employers take the physical work environment of their employees into consideration. Employees need to feel comfortable and calm in their physical work settings to produce their best work, and creating a spacious workplace, without […]

Office design tips

Office design tips - Office Furniture 2 Go

The average person will spend 1/3 of their life at work, that’s 90,000 hours over the course of a lifetime! Now before we reach for the bottle, our office surroundings and how they look can play a huge part in not only raising productivity but also encouraging well-being and happiness at work. We should never […]

Office safety tips

Office safety tips - Office Furniture 2 Go

Office safety, also known as workplace safety, is the practice of ensuring a safe, working environment for employees and visitors. It is both the duty and moral responsibility of every company to promote wellness, and prevent the likelihood of accidents in the workplace which may result in damage in either a physical or mental injury. […]

Reception area ideas for your office 

Reception area ideas for your office - Office Furniture 2 Go

Your reception area is often the first impression that customers, colleagues and other visitors get of your working environment, so whilst the furniture must be functional and serve its purpose, it’s important that it looks stylish, fits in with your overall design and represents your brand and company ethos. Reception area ideas for your office […]

Super-deduction tax break to save money on office furniture

Super-deduction tax break to save money on office furniture - Office Furniture 2 Go

Now is the perfect time for companies to invest in new office furniture and re-shape their offices as the UK Government has introduced a significant tax incentive scheme to encourage business investment.  This super-deduction tax break to save money on office furniture, has recently been introduced and this could be quite the incentive needed to […]

Make your office more eco-friendly and efficient

Make your office more eco-friendly and efficient - Office Furniture - Office Furniture 2 Go

There are lots of reasons to consider implementing sustainable practices in your business. Not only is it good for the environment, but it can reduce overheads in the form of energy costs, improve the health and satisfaction of your staff, and attract customers looking to do business with likeminded brands. Here are some simple changes […]

The best colours to boost productivity at work

The best colours to boost productivity at work - Office Furniture 2 Go

Colour affects our daily lives far more than we realise. In the office, skilful use of colours can boost your productivity, health, and even happiness. Studies have shown that tapping into colour psychology can also improve your employees’ productivity and job satisfaction, and positively impacts how your clients, visitors, and customers perceive your business. Colour […]

How to sit correctly at your desk 

How to sit correctly at your desk - Office Furniture 2 Go

As more jobs become desk based or sedentary, more and more people are spending long periods of time sitting in chairs with some of us sitting for more than five hours a day. If you add home working into the equation, which a huge percentage of us are now still doing, the chance of getting […]

Organising your home filing system

Organising your home filing system - Office Furniture 2 Go

By now, most of us have adapted to home working and have evolved from the kitchen table to a reasonable area of home office which will consist of the basics of a desk and chair to assist us in our remote working. But organising your home filing system may of fell by the way side. […]

Introducing our new grey oak office furniture range

Introducing our new grey oak office furniture range

We are excited to introduce our new grey oak office furniture range and offer this colour throughout many of our products, ranging from desks to storage cupboards and cabinets. The colour grey is very much on-trend right now, it’s impossible to imagine modern interiors without it. This highly versatile colour is offering a calm, contemporary […]

Stay safe with protective office screens

Stay safe with protective office screens - Office Furniture 2 Go Ltd

It goes without saying that the primary reason for installing protective office screens in your building is for safety. We all know how contagious the coronavirus is and how easily it can spread and with masks now mandatory pieces of clothing and the 2 metre rule the norm, it makes sense to further protect your office […]

Maintaining a work/life balance when remote working

Maintaining a work life balance when remote working - Office Furniture 2 Go

With millions of UK workers now working from home, maintaining a good work life balance when remote working can be hard as the boundary between work and leisure environments is crossed. When you exclusively work from home, physical boundaries between work and your personal life can feel virtually nonexistent. Even if you’re organised, it can […]

Office Christmas party alternatives

Office Christmas party alternatives - Office Furniture 2 Go

The office Christmas party has always been one of the social highlights of everyone’s year. It’s a chance to kick back and socialise with colleagues, switch off after a stressful year and look forward to the coming festive break, as well as get a pat on the back from your boss for a job well […]

What does your desk say about you?

What does your desk say about you? - Office Furniture 2 Go

Every office worker has a particular type of desk they keep, and a number of studies suggest that how you keep your workspace might affect how you work, from the idea that disorderly environments produce creativity – to the idea that too much clutter can interfere with focus. People spend on average 5 hours and […]

The main types of office storage

The main types of office storage - Office Furniture 2 Go

Finding the right office storage solution is essential for having a smooth-running office, but it can be hard to know what storage is right for your office. Whether you’re working at an office or at home, a good amount of office storage is important to maintain order and efficiency. Paperwork can pile up at a […]

Maximising your workstation

Maximising your workstation - Office Furniture 2 Go Ltd

The right workstation is critical for creating a safe and healthy work environment and can have a huge impact on all employees, especially those with a disability. The UK has a long tradition of health and safety legislation, but recent figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that 28.2 million working days are […]

Practical features employees want in their workspace 

Practical Features Employees Want In Their Workspace - Office Furniture 2 Go

Business owners spend a considerable amount of funds on trying to make their office the best environment for their workers to work in. What really makes a team of people happy, comfortable and settled in the workplace though? Every employer wants to ensure they have a productive workforce that shows a positive attitude to being […]

Choosing the right office desk

Choosing the right office desk - Office Furniture 2 Go

Choosing the right office desk for your particular requirements might seem like an easy task, but once you start looking into the wide range of desks available, you’ll soon discover it can be a harder task than you first thought! The desk is a vital component and getting it right is important. But with so […]



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