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Choosing the right office desk - Office Furniture 2 Go

Choosing the right office desk for your particular requirements might seem like an easy task, but once you start looking into the wide range of desks available, you’ll soon discover it can be a harder task than you first thought! The desk is a vital component and getting it right is important. But with so many different desk designs on the market at the moment it can be difficult to know which desk is best. Knowing the options available is the first step to knowing what you want and then choosing your perfect desk should be relatively easy….

Will that desk you’re thinking of purchasing suit your workstyle and meet your job needs? Will its size fit well within the parameters and constraints of your office or work space? Can the desk surface withstand the daily-use demands of your particular job and work environment? These are just a few of the things you need to consider when choosing a work desk. And that’s because the right desk can aide immeasurably in accomplishing work tasks in a comfortable, ergonomic and productive manner.

Corner Desks

These desks, as the name would suggest, fit snugly into a corner, and allow you work space in front of you, and to each side of you also. Corner desks certainly look great, and they also fit into most rooms, even if the rest of the space is quite irregular. These types of desk are also ideal for home offices, and they give you a sense of being surrounded by your work, so you can immerse yourself totally in the task, without distractions.

Cluster/Bench Desks

Many desks are shaped for a specific purpose. Cluster desks provide multiple workers with their own space whilst keeping them within reach of their colleagues. This helps promote cooperation and communication, ideal for call centres and educational facilities. Bench desks are also great for multiple users, an affordable one piece solution where sections can be separated with divider screens.

Wave Desks

Wave desks are desks that have a curved front so that the desktop is deeper on one end than the other and these desks come in left or right-handed configurations, which relates to which side of the desk is deeper. A left-handed desk, for example, is deeper on the left side than the right side. They can also provide extra support for your favoured hand while using a mouse and can have a contemporary feel to a modern office design.

Traditional Rectangular Desk

By far, the most common and simple desk for office design and is the most popular and most sought after desk shape. It is versatile and straight-forward, discreetly blending in with the aesthetic of many office spaces. They offer a uniform desktop area and can be the perfect choice for many office environments. Rectangular desks are available as simple desks, or with attached storage options and are also available in a wide range of colours and with a variety of leg styles.

Sit Stand Desks

For those planning to introduce more movement into their working day and sit less at their workstation, a standing desk is the obvious choice. Standing more when working at an office desk can contribute to people’s health and wellbeing, raise alertness and optimise performance. It can also help prevent or manage musculoskeletal pain. For home use or where space is at a premium, smaller mobile height-adjustable tables are also available. Offering a wide range of standing desk sizes, widths and finishes these style of desks can be adjusted in height electronically or manually. Sit/stand desks could be just the answer for your office or home design.


As well as choosing the right office desk, storage should also be taken into consideration. As well as aesthetically pleasing, your desk needs to be functional and tidy. Under desk storage can address this issue by utilising filing draws and mobile pedestals and cable management can also be incorporated into your chosen desk, to enable wires are organised, safe and tucked away.

For further assistance in choosing the right office desk, please contact us here and visit our 12,000sq ft office furniture showroom in Birmingham, ideally situated just off the M6, with free on-site parking. We are open to the trade and the general public and have an extensive range of office desks and office furniture for all your office requirements.




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