How office furniture can affect your productivity

How office furniture can affect your productivity

We spend around a third of our time at work, which can become overwhelming from time to time, especially if we are expected to work in a uninspiring office. Engaging, stimulating surroundings can help encourage employees to work smarter and produce more creative ideas. Despite this a huge 87% of employees are still not feeling engaged at work, according to a recent study. Research shows how office furniture can affect your productivity in the workplace and a well-designed office can increase an employees work rate by up to 20% with office furnishings and layout playing an important part in this boost. Some simple measures which can be taken are choosing and positioning the office furniture wisely and choosing the appropriate furniture in the first place.

Comfortable ergonomic office chairs

The comfort of your staff should be one of your primary concerns. Being seated comfortably prevents individuals from getting distracted throughout their working day. An employee who is uncomfortable will constantly stop work to readjust their position and this will delay their working progress. There are many task chairs that provides a selection of customisable features such as lumbar support, seat depth, seat tilt, armrest adjustments and more. Investing in an ergonomic task chair can improve employees’ posture and circulation, keeping them energised and comfortable.

Create an area that inspires

Even the smallest change can positively impact the way we handle work. Using vibrant colour is a simple way to enhance the mood and allow employees to stay fresh all day. How office furniture affects your productivity is not the only consideration. The introduction of colour can inject life into the workplace and impact greatly on the psychology of the office. Freshening up the office with colour is a good way to alleviate stress, as well as increase productivity amongst the workforce. The best colours to motivate are blue, white, red, yellow, green and orange, but they do not necessarily have to be used on the walls or on the furniture.  Accessories play an important role in an office and will also influence mood and well being.

Segment the office accordingly

If the workplace feels like a giant free-for-all with no direction or designation, furniture can help with this. The right desks, cubicles and dividers create space for each department so that it caters to their particular needs. You can also use furniture to assign space for professional work and personal use. Employees appreciate when they have a clean, welcoming space to spend their break and lunch times, and combining the two without distraction is an excellent way to bring professional and personal lives together.

If you’re thinking about improving your office setup and how office furniture can effect productivity it could be worthwhile seeking some professional advice – our office furniture service can help you select the right fit for your business.

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