How to keep your office clean

How to keep your office clean - Office Furniture 2 Go

Keeping your office tidy for you and your employees can have a significant impact on productivity. Whether you’re the manager of a small office space or the head of a larger department, certain principles of cleanliness and tidiness could have a huge effect not only on efficiency but on employee morale as well. How to keep your office clean has never been more important as our lives begin to return to some normality.

Effective cleaning and decontamination are at the heart of keeping workplaces ‘Covid secure’ as well as, critically, in ensuring employees feel confident and safe about being in a physical workspace. Reducing distractions and having an organised workspace also helps us keep focus, making sure work is getting done effectively and efficiently.

Common areas

The common areas of your office are shared among the employees. If everyone respects these spaces, they’ll be significantly cleaner than they would be otherwise. By keeping your common areas clean, you’ll experience a higher level of happiness among your employees and, as such, will experience higher efficiency. Creating a space for coats, jackets and bags with coat stands and peg rails is a perfect way keep your office clean and tidy, while also keeping personal belongings safe.

Clean your technology

Anything you’ll often be touching should be cleaned appropriately. Too often, we forget to clean our phones, computers, tablets, etc., which means that there is an increase in bacteria building on your technology.
If you think of how often you’ll be using your technology, this can be a real issue. By reducing the amount of bacteria and germs that are in your workplace, you’ll also be reducing your employees’ exposure to them; thereby, reducing the number of sick days that they take. Collectively, this can save you thousands of pounds every year.

Tidy your desk before you leave for the day

Get into the habit of tidying and ordering your desk before you go home. In addition to giving your morning productivity a boost, it can help ensure important documents and notes haven’t got buried under that pile of paperwork. In addition invest in organisational tools like in-trays and pencil pots, and have a robust paper shredder readily available so sensitive documents no longer required can be disposed of instead of collecting dust.

Clean the floor

Floor cleanliness is of high importance, especially in high traffic spaces. Flooring can easily harbour dust, bacteria and lots of possible germs, trodden in from the outside world. There’s also the potential of spillages, such as food and drink, dropping onto the floor which could then transfer bacteria and illness. A deep clean with bleach tends to be the most effective method of cleaning hard surfaces, while carpets can be steam cleaned to ensure they are spotless.

Cable management

Nothing hangs on to dust like piles of tangled cables, and that’s without discussing the safety element. Tackling excess cord length through various different cable management solutions will not only lift wires and peripheral devices off the floor, it makes it easier for you to clean, and helps to prevent dirt from collecting in the first place.

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