How to Plan an Office Move

New office Move

Planning an office move can seem like a tough task.

It can seem like something exciting at the beginning, but once you start thinking about everything that must be moved, and all your employees’ workstations to be shuffled around, it can feel pretty overwhelming. Especially if your employees need to continue working from the get-go of the office move – you could be under time restraints, adding more pressure to the task.

By planning your office move, you can separate everything into manageable chunks so it doesn’t feel like too much of a mammoth task!


Here are our 5 tips to help your office move go as smoothly as possible.


Boxes ready for an Office Move

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

Create a move timeline. It depends on how big your office space is but realistically, you’re not going to be able to move an entire office with many different parts with the click of a button. You’re going to need to schedule in a timeline of things moving.

Consider any employees going on annual leave during that time, judge how far away your new office is, and how much you can fit within one load of the move.

Consider any affects or changes that may happen to your IT system once you start moving computers out of the office – will this have a knock-on effect.

2. Compartmentalize

Imagine that you are doing the whole move, and
picture what obstacles could occur. Note down all the moving parts into logical
categories, and this will help compartmentalize your office space into
logically movable sections.

3. Sort Out Your Files

Figure out what files you’re going to need
on hand during the move, and which important files are necessary but not needed
at the time. Make a folder for your important documents

for the move itself, such as your files which detail your office move with your
office move company, and other important records.

4. Discuss with Employees

Announce the move publicly so that your employees are all aware of the new changes. Discuss the changes and consider individual requirements such as accessibility, underlying health issues, etc. Tell employees to raise any concerns or requirements that they have regarding the new move and plan this way in advance so that there are no nasty surprises. If you have a visual office design plan of the new office, show your employees what you’re planning for it to look like, and where each of your teams will be working in the new setup.


5. Risk Assess your New Building

Before the move, ensure that you know the building well. Get to know the space, get yourself familiar with any maintenance companies who deal with your new building, and ensure you’ve planned a thorough risk assessment.


Just like moving house, moving offices is not 100% simple. There’s a lot to think of. 

The main thing is, to plan everything at least 6 months before the move so that it is segregated into sections that you can manage. 

Moving Office?

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