Introducing our new grey oak office furniture range

Introducing our new grey oak office furniture range

We are excited to introduce our new grey oak office furniture range and offer this colour throughout many of our products, ranging from desks to storage cupboards and cabinets. The colour grey is very much on-trend right now, it’s impossible to imagine modern interiors without it. This highly versatile colour is offering a calm, contemporary feel to our home offices in a time where we need to maximise our light and counter act the feeling of being cooped up indoors.

Grey has another big advantage. Where natural wood can sometimes clash with colours, it is enhanced by grey surroundings. The grain of natural oak looks beautiful against dark or light grey and the warmth of the wood is enhanced by the coolness of grey, with options of various flooring offering the perfect blend.

The growing popularity of grey interiors is no longer just seen as trendy or fashionable. The colour grey gives us a sense of belonging, inclusion and acceptance, and with the uncertain times we find ourselves in, the feeling of security in the home or office seems to be leading a way to the rise in popularity of this colour.

“We believe our new grey oak office furniture range offers a contemporary look, fitting into any interior style, elevating the space to feel more relaxed, sophisticated and current all at once. It enhances our extensive range of office furniture, giving more options to your home or office environment”  Darrel Connock, Director, Office Furniture2go.

For further information on our new grey oak office furniture range please contact us here.

Here’s a selection of office furniture products in the new grey oak range. Please click on any image to enlarge.



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