Is your office chair damaging your long term health?

Is your office chair damaging your long term health? - Office Furniture 2 Go Ltd

The chair you are sitting in right now might have a detrimental impact on your health and you are probably not aware of it. Using a poorly designed chair can cause harm to the body over the long term and reduce your productivity and spending a possible 8 hours a day with a chair that does not facilitate good posture or support your lower back can have huge implications to your health – especially your long-term health.

It’s not just sitting down all day, but the way that we sit which also causes problems. More than half of UK workers (51%) have suffered from back pain, with one in five of them needing time off work as a result. Slumping and leaning into your screen causes forward head syndrome – where your neck muscles shorten and thicken causing headaches as well as arm pains. Bad posture also eradicates the natural s-shape of the spine, leading to back problems. Getting the right chair for your body, your workspace and the type of work you do is essential.

Adjustable Chairs

It is very important to choose an office chair that allows you to sit comfortably with your feet on the ground. If your chair does not do that, you might inadvertently roll your pelvis backward when you sit. This puts too much pressure on the discs in your spine . If you continue to slouch, you might end up with long-term spinal problems like herniated discs. Since people in offices are short and tall, it is a good idea to get adjustable office chairs that make it easy for everyone to sit with their feet on the ground.

Lumbar Support

The most supportive office chairs keep the entire back supported, including the lower back. This part of your spine curves inward. If you do not properly support the lumbar spine, you are more likely to slouch as you sit, resulting in long term health issues. This unnatural position flattens the natural curve of this area and puts too much stress on the lower spine. It is very important to look for a chair with lumbar support to avoid this issue.

Swivel Chairs

We often multi task at work and rarely sit still in a fixed position. Struggling for out-of-reach items, such as phone systems, computers and stray paperwork can put strain on your arms, shoulders and neck, and twisting in your chair can be seriously disruptive to your spine. Swivel chairs can alleviate this and ensure that a smooth transaction occurs without unnecessary negative impact on your back or neck, preventing any long term health problems.

In conclusion, a bad chair not only affects your performance, but also your health. If you sit at work, it’s important to note when your chair needs replacing and invest in a good quality chair.

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