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How to Plan an Office Move

Planning an office move can seem like a tough task. It can seem like something exciting at the beginning, but once you start thinking about

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The correct desk height - Office Furniture 2 Go
Office Furniture Articles

The correct desk height

Our previous articles have explained how to choose the right office desk and how to sit correctly at your desk, but whilst searching for the

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Office design tips - Office Furniture 2 Go
Office Furniture Articles

Office design tips

The average person will spend 1/3 of their life at work, that’s 90,000 hours over the course of a lifetime! Now before we reach for

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Office safety tips - Office Furniture 2 Go
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Office safety tips

Office safety, also known as workplace safety, is the practice of ensuring a safe, working environment for employees and visitors. It is both the duty

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Return to the office - Office Furniture 2 Go
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Return to the office

People are no longer being asked to work from home now restrictions have been lifted in England. Prime Minister Boris Johnson recommended a gradual return to work

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