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In the current climate, as we recover from the pandemic, work life is still looking slightly different to the pre covid days. Although we are all feeling more positive about the future and continue to build and grow our businesses, some are still working predominately from home, whilst others have adopted a hybrid working practice, which enables a split between home and office buildings.

But did you know you can reduce your Business Rates for areas of the building you are no longer using? By sealing off part or all of your office space and completely emptying it, you can declare it a “Dark Space” and the business rates for that section will be stopped with immediate effect.

Here at OF2G, we are able to offer a complete Dark Space Service, in which we can clear the room of all furniture and contents and either store safely or dispose of the contents. We are also able to add partitioning walls if required, along with a deep clean of all areas. This complete Dark Space turnkey operation will conclude with us taking photographic evidence for your local council and if required, a re-installation for future requirements.

For further information on a complete Dark Space Service, please contact us here.


OF2G Dark Space



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