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The average person will spend 1/3 of their life at work, that’s 90,000 hours over the course of a lifetime! Now before we reach for the bottle, our office surroundings and how they look can play a huge part in not only raising productivity but also encouraging well-being and happiness at work. We should never underestimate how important it is to like the environment we are in and to take pride in our workplace, as employees and business owners alike. Our latest article explores some office design tips to ensure the workplace is one we can feel comfortable, productive and motivated in.

Consider your layout

Employees may differ on preferences for office layouts. Some may prefer open floor plans, whereas others may want privacy and the relative quiet offered in other office space designs. You should consider how each department’s functions will be affected and  allocate comfortable spaces for casual meetings, in addition to the conference room. Designing a healthy, safe workplace for employees by providing ergonomic desks and seating that fits each employee is an important consideration with sit-to-stand desks and benches allowing your employees to raise and lower their entire work surfaces for health benefits always important.

Suitable lighting

Making sure your office has the right amount of lighting and also natural light is a must. Poor lighting can effect mental health and in turn productivity. Incorrect lighting can cause a multitude of problems, resulting in headaches, eye problems and sick days rising. Office design tips for lighting should ensure that the chosen lighting should not be too dull or dim, they should not be harsh in brightness either- a harmony has to be found and maintained. It is often recommended that the lighting indoors in the office should be as synchronised as possible with the light outside. Further, depending on the layout of the office space, different types of lights may be needed, such as overhead lights, floor lamps etc.

High quality furniture

As with everything, budget will always be a factor but investing in good quality office furniture that will last a while, is the best office design tip we can give. Office furniture is used day, in day out and is inevitable to start showing some wear and tear after time, but having well designed furniture which us built to last is an investment from the off.  From ergonomics to creating unique spaces, investing in furniture can elevate an office space from adequate to exceptional. Offering lower quality furniture can create health issues amongst your employees, and the first impression to visitors needs to be the correct to ensure your brand or business is taken seriously.


We talk about it a lot, but storage really is crucial and key to any office design,  Being able to find things quickly and efficiently not only promotes good work productivity but ensures less stress to an already busy day. Stand alone filing cabinets and under desk cabinets for employees promote a clutter free environment and enables a clean, structured area.

Break out spaces

A good employer realises the need to allow their workers time to break away from the office environment, and have a different space to take a break or collect their thoughts. It can be used for so much more than just lunch, offering a relaxed atmosphere to wind down and take a moment or used for informal meetings. The breakout space will encourage relaxation and social interaction; meaning employees arrive back at their desks feeling revived, refreshed and ready to do their best work.

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