Reception area ideas for your office 

Reception area ideas for your office - Office Furniture 2 Go

Your reception area is often the first impression that customers, colleagues and other visitors get of your working environment, so whilst the furniture must be functional and serve its purpose, it’s important that it looks stylish, fits in with your overall design and represents your brand and company ethos.

Reception area ideas for your office should focus on ensuring that visitors waiting in reception are afforded the maximum comfort and feeling of welcome and that it supports the free flow of communication with all parts of the organisation, including the ability to accommodate and process inbound and outbound deliveries in some cases.


Visitors may just be popping in for deliveries but some may spend a considerable amount of time in your reception area and comfort is key. The space needs to be a welcoming and relaxing space that makes your guests feel at ease. The finer details of refreshments, magazines and soft furnishing will complement the atmosphere and create the much needed first impression. It is also a great opportunity to showcase local artists work.

Reception desk

The reception desk is the central hub of your entrance area. It needs to provide a focal point in the room but also be a practical and efficient workspace for greeting visitors, dealing with correspondence and answering phone calls. When it comes to design, contemporary reception desks tend to be simple and minimalist, crafted from modern materials such as metal, plastic and glass. They often have LED lights, and accents such as metal detailing, or glass fronts. Traditional reception desks, on the other hand, are typically made from wood. Depending on space, a curved desk or L shaped desk may fit in with your design goals.

Seating areas

Depending on how large your reception area is, there are many different variations of seating options ranging from modular seating to sofas to stools. You may have a group of visitors that wish to sit together but equally you may have individuals that are attending a job interview and privacy is important. An option of cluster seating that can be moved to accommodate the situation is one option.

Things to consider are:-

  • How much space do you have available to you?
  • Specific colour and style
  • Budget
  • Room to expand
  • Comfort
  • Quality
  • Security and privacy

At Office Furniture 2 Go we have an extensive range of reception area ideas for your office along with a Used Office Furniture section with new stock of quality office furniture arriving on a weekly basis. Please contact us here for further information.




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