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Office Design – CAD planning with 3D architect

If your are moving into a new office or plan to reduce or extend existing areas we can help you maximise the space available through our office design service. Using CAD and space planning we can maximise the space available, giving your colleagues the perfect flow around workstations and ensure that storage solutions are easily available for all.

Office planning is more than workstations and cupboards. Ensuring your teams can work seamlessly, with minimal disruption in their space and keeping areas of the business close to each other for inter-connection between departments are just some of the many things that need to be accounted for. Our team will consider the needs of the business as well accommodation standards.

We can advise exactly how many people could be accommodated within your site; identify areas that are under-utilised; produce reports showing what size areas are occupied by each team and produce proposals to reduce your costs. Via our space planning service, you could save your company thousands of pounds in unnecessary office rentals, something that is more important now than ever.
Good office planning will not only account for the needs of the business, but also the colleagues within it. Improving productivity is one of the main reasons for planning the space correctly, but there is always a case for ensuring that it contributes to the well being of your colleagues. Our team can work with you on interior design, providing top level ambiance and a beautiful workspace.

We specialise in making the most of the furniture you already have and re use as many of your existing items as possible. This reduces the potential of growing your carbon footprint, and any additional furniture that is required we can supply. The products we have at Office Furniture 2 Go is attractive, value for money and high-quality, so you can be assured that any additional items will match your beautiful new office space and can only enhance the experience within for all colleagues and visitors.

Whether you are looking at a new office build, a move, or a revamp, Office Furniture 2 Go is the best option to ensure that your colleagues are working to the best of their productivity and with their wellbeing taken into account. We have worked with some of the UK’s leading organisations, creating bespoke plans and designs that have worked well with their business. Office Furniture 2 Go has many elements to its independent business, for more information please see our Services.

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