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It goes without saying that the primary reason for installing protective office screens in your building is for safety. We all know how contagious the coronavirus is and how easily it can spread and with masks now mandatory pieces of clothing and the 2 metre rule the norm, it makes sense to further protect your office and staff accordingly with screens.

Face to face working should be avoided, and this can be achieved by staggering shift times or positioning workstations side by side. However, there may be occasions where it is not possible to move workstations further apart and, in this case, desktop privacy screens should be used to maintain adequate protection.

There have been reports of over 60 suspected Covid outbreaks in offices in the first 2 weeks of the current lockdown in England as many businesses are asking employees to still come into offices rather than work from home. Our acrylic desktop protection screens reduce the risk of airborne germs between colleagues whilst still enabling them visibility, and new for 2021 our acrylic fixed desktop screens, free-standing screens and screen toppers are available with new brackets for enhanced stability.

The beauty of protective screens is that you have full control over the placement and fixtures of them. For example, you have the choice to implement full standing screens fixed to the floor between desk benches or you could opt for small, light-weight screens placed on top of desks instead. This allows for flexible working as the screens can be repositioned to where they are required i.e. breakout sessions, during important meetings or to create private spaces for employees to focus.

Implementing protective screens in the office doesn’t have to result in a loss of space or light. The majority of these screens are transparent (made with clear acrylic or glass) which ensures that full visibility is maintained and your employees and customers are still able to see, interact and engage with one another. Another benefit is that the clear transparent screens is that they will also prevent the office from becoming ‘closed in’ or  ‘shrinking’ and modern open plan workspaces can still be achieved.

Many pre-Covid business environments are unsuited to the requirements concerning social distancing making changes necessary, but it is important to ensure that, particularly in office settings, the spaces remain places that are encourage the sharing of ideas, creativity and co-operation. The challenge therefore for businesses is to make their premises Covid-secure in a way that doesn’t compromise on this unnecessarily, while ensuring that everyone can stay safe with protective office screens.

For many such businesses, being able to fit such protective screens to existing furniture will be welcome news as it will mean that the layout of the workplace will not need to be altered too dramatically. Importantly too, this is a solution that can be implemented pretty much immediately and changed as required, as the situation develops and shifts over the course of time.

For further information on how to stay safe with protective office screens, please contact us here.


*Pictured above is an example of free standing screens, desktop screens and screen toppers. We stock a wide range of fabric and see through acrylic screens to suit your requirements.



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