Office Interior Design

What Is Office Interior Design? Office Interior Design is vital in creating an appealing and revitalizing space for both employees and customers. For your employees, it’s important for them to be inspired in the workplace, which is created by a space that is functional and visually exciting, yet an area that promotes efficiency and performance. […]

Reasons to refurbish your office

reasons to refurbish your office

Enhance your workspaces In the office, there should be a healthy mix of exciting and restful places. Allow executives to ponder about the company’s future for lengthy periods of time in a pleasant environment.  You may find that your company needs to expand to accommodate additional staff members as it grows. By renovating your office, […]

Introducing our new grey oak office furniture range

Introducing our new grey oak office furniture range

We are excited to introduce our new grey oak office furniture range and offer this colour throughout many of our products, ranging from desks to storage cupboards and cabinets. The colour grey is very much on-trend right now, it’s impossible to imagine modern interiors without it. This highly versatile colour is offering a calm, contemporary […]

What does your desk say about you?

What does your desk say about you? - Office Furniture 2 Go

Every office worker has a particular type of desk they keep, and a number of studies suggest that how you keep your workspace might affect how you work, from the idea that disorderly environments produce creativity – to the idea that too much clutter can interfere with focus. People spend on average 5 hours and […]

Maximising your workstation

Maximising your workstation - Office Furniture 2 Go Ltd

The right workstation is critical for creating a safe and healthy work environment and can have a huge impact on all employees, especially those with a disability. The UK has a long tradition of health and safety legislation, but recent figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that 28.2 million working days are […]

How to organise your home office

How to organise your home office - Office Furniture 2 Go

For many modern professionals, remote working is nothing new, but COVID-19 has changed working from home from novelty to necessity. Remote work can take some adjusting to, and these tips on how to organise a home office for productivity will help you make the most out of your home office. Declutter and Storage Whether you […]



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