The benefits of buying used office furniture 

The benefits of buying used office furniture  - Office Furniture 2 Go

Furnishing an office can be a challenging task. Whether you’re renovating a current office or opening a new one, the furniture used does more than just fill the space with needed things. The atmosphere and aesthetic look is important for staff productivity and also your overall brand awareness. Determining your budget, and getting the best value for money will always be a priority and buying used office furniture could be the way forward. Let’s explore the benefits of buying used office furniture which far exceed the obvious financial one.


Usually the most common reason to lean towards used office furniture is affordability.  Used office furniture is available at a fraction of the cost of new, often meaning your budget can stretch further with higher end brands, without compromising on quality. It’s been shown that start-up companies, for example, can often save as much as eighty percent over the cost of brand new furniture, with many buyers unable to distinguish between used and new furniture. In fact, used office furniture is often available in mint condition.

Environmentally friendly

Used office furniture is better for the environment. By purchasing gently used office furniture, you’re saving the world from extra fossil fuels, raw materials, and overall waste that would manifest from producing new furniture. In fact, buying and installing used equipment eliminates nearly 80% of the environmental impact created by new office equipment. Here at Office Furniture 2 Go, we make it a point to provide used office furniture to our customers not only because it makes good business sense, but also because of our commitment to recycling and “re-purposing” usable office furniture. Buying used furniture for your business allows you to do good for yourself as well as for the planet!


When you opt for used office furniture, you’re often getting items that will last you years, and at the risk of sounding old, with some (not all) pieces, the saying of “they don’t build them like that anymore” really is true.  Buying used office furniture made of the real stuff: wood and metal, ensures your investment holds true today, next year, and even 10 years down the road.

Quick delivery

Often buyers may find out they have to wait weeks, or even months, to receive the new furniture they purchased for an office. On the other hand, much of the available used office furniture can be delivered straight away. Unlike new office furniture, used pieces are usually work-ready at the moment they arrive with no need for assembly and because used furniture often comes from many different sources, your choices are often far wider.

Both new and used furniture have benefits and downsides. It’s about picking what is right for the company, responsible for your budget, and the environment you want both your customers and employees to inhabit daily, which is why we sell both.

Here at Office Furniture 2 Go we stock a variety of quality second hand office furniture, from second hand office desks and second hand office chairs, along with reception area seating options and many more high quality office furniture items. For further information on the benefits of buying used office furniture please contact us here or pop into our showroom.



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