The effects of music in the office 

Music forms an integral part of our everyday lives, and most of us would agree, it positively uplifts our spirits and can inspire us to be more creative and driven, along with feelings of happiness. So recharging with music might just be the boost many employees need to engage with their work, but does music help or hinder and what are the actual effects of music in the office?

Offices are now becoming more casual with the way we dress and are now approaching a more hybrid way of working, but is music in the office controversial or now becoming the norm?

Music licence

Whilst listening to music through your headphones is legal, if playing music through speakers at work, a music license is required. The MusicLicence from PPL PRS allows a business or organisation to legally play music for employees or customers through the radio, TV or other digital devices (including hold music on phone systems). The cost of TheMusicLicence varies depending on the specific characteristics of each office, factory or workplace, and is based on the number of employees, the hours worked, the area itself and also size.

What type of music is best?

As far as concentration goes, science dictates that classical music is the best for aiding studying, with pop music the clear favourite to increase productivity at work whilst undergoing various tasks.

Research shows happy, upbeat music causes our brains to produce chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, which evokes feelings of joy, whereas calming music soothes the mind and the body. When music captures our attention it triggers a range of emotions, which can alter or regulate our mood.

Improve productivity

One of the best ways music can help boost your productivity is by putting you in a better mood, proving that If music has the ability to elevate your mood, it can be used to boost your productivity at work. As employees struggle with burnout, poor mental health and low productivity, music can be an accessible and immediate way to improve mood and focus.

Reduce stress

Music can be one of the best stress relief activities out there. The soothing power of relaxing music and its close link to our emotions can be a really effective stress management tool, helping us cool down and relax. It can be a great way to distract yourself from a stressful situation, while also clearing the mind before readdressing the issue with a fresh outlook.

Studies show that 90% of workers perform better when listening to music, and 88% of employees produce more accurate work. Business owners agree, and 65% of business owners believe that music makes employees more productive, and as many as 40% of business owners also believe that playing music can actually increase sales.

So listening to music clearly has an overall positive effect, but to avoid possible conflict, employees should wear headphones if they work in a shared office space to avoid disturbing their coworkers. If not, they should be respectful of their coworkers’ music tastes, as they may not be the same as theirs.

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