The main types of office storage

The main types of office storage - Office Furniture 2 Go

Finding the right office storage solution is essential for having a smooth-running office, but it can be hard to know what storage is right for your office. Whether you’re working at an office or at home, a good amount of office storage is important to maintain order and efficiency. Paperwork can pile up at a furious pace and the amount of documents and files generated must be stored in an organised manner. Otherwise, control is lost and a lot of precious time wasted. In this article we explore the main types of office storage so you can decide which is the most efficient and cost effective solution for your business.

Under desk storage

When it comes to under desk storage people often go for an under desk pedestal. Under desk pedestal drawers are a great way to gain extra space for filing and general storage and will fit neatly under most office desks. These pedestal units are often referred to as ‘mobile’ or ‘low’ drawers and often come with two or three drawer options and as they are so versatile they are usually available in a range of materials and colours.

Filing cabinets

A filing cabinet is one of the main types of office storage and important in any office, as it will give you a safe place where you can store files and paperwork. Instead of dealing with stacks of paper on your desk, you will have a safe place to easily store all of your papers and won’t have to worry about them getting misplaced or lost. When looking for a filing cabinet that will meet your needs, you will have to consider much more than simply the size of the filing cabinet. You will also want to think about whether you want it to be a lateral file cabinet, which will take up more floor space but tends to look more impressive and be a solid and permanent fixture in your office, or a vertical file cabinet. The vertical file cabinet is the obvious choice if you have a smaller office or are worried about the amount of floor space that you have.


A bookcase is a useful and important pieces of storage furniture that you can have in your office which can be utilised in many different ways. While many people only think of using a bookcase to store their books, it can be used for many different office items. One of the main reasons why bookcases are so popular is that you can change what you have stored on them with very little trouble, and also move them about easily if the dynamics of the office design change. Another reason why so many people love using bookcases in their offices is that they can hold storage containers. This makes it easy to keep items out of view if you want to have them hidden. A mixture of hidden and exposed storage is great and will create visual interest in the office without making the space appear too busy.

Adjustable shelving

As the name suggests an adjustable shelving system can be adjusted vertically according to the needs and requirements. You can adjust the heights of each level that the shelve exhibits. With vertical rails and brackets, it provides the convenience to adjust the height of each cabinet. There are per-installed holes on the rails which make it easy to adjust the space. Another important shelving system that allows flexibility in the storage spaces of an office environment.

Storage cabinets

Storage cabinets can be the appropriate solution for both office users as well as domestic users. They can be placed in any corner of your room as they are available in a variety of sizes. Storage cabinets can be used for storing documents, files, tape files, machinery or tools. In addition, storage cabinets can provide about twice the storage capacity compared to common shelving. You can also store dangerous sharp objects in a cabinet instead of storing it on an open shelf. Today, almost all types of storage cabinets include a door that can be locked for security purposes.

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