What does your desk say about you?

What does your desk say about you? - Office Furniture 2 Go

Every office worker has a particular type of desk they keep, and a number of studies suggest that how you keep your workspace might affect how you work, from the idea that disorderly environments produce creativity – to the idea that too much clutter can interfere with focus. People spend on average 5 hours and 41 minutes per day sitting at their desks, which means the only thing you spend more time doing a day is sleeping. When you consider that, it’s only natural your desk almost becomes an extension of your personality. But what does your desk say about you as a person?

The minimalist desk

An extremely tidy and organised workplace with a mess-free workstation, would describe the minimalist desk. You won’t find much on these desks apart from the bare essentials such as keyboard, mouse and monitor. Even though it may look in need of a little jazzing up, the minimalists are hardworking and reliable individuals who thrive in planning and structure in their work .Such people are found to be less creative than their messy colleagues, and are said to lack creativity or personality in their work. But of course, there are many exceptions and a minimalist is more likely to be high in the traits of conscientiousness, discipline and cautiousness.

The cluttered desk

Employees who have cluttered desks are said to be extroverted, friendly and welcoming of colleagues. They are also found to be more creative than their tidier co-workers. The clutterer’s workspace is chaotic, colourful and often covered in knick-knacks and personal effects. However, messy people are also less productive than others, since more time is spent on finding things than actually doing things, so beware of the impression being given if you are unable to see beyond the mounds of paper and coffee cups!

The techie desk

No matter what the job, the techie is equipped with every technology ever invented. Their desks might be a bit of a mess, and similarly to their cluttered desk colleagues, these people are creative and friendly. They are also curious, compulsive and eager to experiment, but may appear distracted at times from the job in hand by their latest gadgets.

The personaliser

This person’s desk basically becomes a scaled down version of their home, which again isn’t surprising given how long we spend at work. They always have their own mug, framed photos of family and usually, a plant on their desk. The more personalised items, the more they are comfortable in their job and less likely to leave. They are quirky and creative individuals who are open to new opportunities and ideas. Personalisers are curious, extroverted and creative, and as they are more likely to be satisfied in their jobs, psychological well-being and physical health, this results in a benefit for both the employee and the employer.

So which one are you? What does your desk say about you as a person? Could it be time to de-clutter or maybe personalise your desk to show your personality off?

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